Friday, June 1, 2012

Librarian's Workshop

Thursday was a special day– BiblioWorks hosted a library workshop for all their librarians. This is a two day long conference (I only attended the first day) in Yamparez, one of the libraries forty minutes outside of Sucre. There were seven librarians in attendance– and I am pretty sure it was the first time they met one another since some of the libraries are five and six hours outside of Sucre. The BiblioWorks staff spent a fair amount of time discussing methods of organization, going over strengths and weaknesses of the libraries, ways to improve them, etc. It was really interesting to observe, and I even got to help out a little. I guess I was more of a participant observer, but I did play a role in some exercises. I was also the designated photographer of the day, which is always fun. I was happy that I got to see another library besides Pampa Aceituno. Yamparez has been up and running for years, whereas Pampa Aceituno just opened its doors a month ago. Seeing another library gave me a lot of ideas for Pampa Aceituno– and I am excited for next week to get started on them.
Yamparez's library
My day ended with hitching a ride back into Sucre in the back of a small flatbed truck– the best way to travel. The only problem was the sun was setting so the temperatures were quickly dropping. You can imagine that speeding down mountainous roads made the brisk air even colder. I was shivering by the time we got into Sucre. Ah, I am such a baby now with cold temperatures!

I really enjoyed my day, I feel so fortunate to be working with such a friendly, warm, and fun group of people. I couldn't be happier with this organization!
This is Lize– the girl I work with in Pampa Aceituno.

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