Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Juan y los frijoles mágicos

Today I started my project with the first, second, and third graders. I found Jack and the Beanstalk translated into Spanish and printed out the story in the form of a book and gave each student a page to illustrate. Next week I will bind all these pages together so their drawings become a real book that will be in the library. Then, comes part two of the project: students are all going to be growing their own bean plants in small containers. They all seem excited about the idea and I am too. For the older children we are going to be starting a school garden– this is a little harder to organize than a bean plant in a container. We are in the process of getting this all together, but it should be great. I also want to do some nutrition activities with them, teach them about the food pyramid, etc. Lots of ideas, not a lot of time!

Tomorrow night I am off for a long weekend trip– it is a holiday on Friday so there is no work on Thursday and Friday... I can live with that! So, until Sunday or Monday!


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