Sunday, May 13, 2012


Today I went on my first adventure! I traveled 65 kilometers east of Sucre to Tarabuco– where ironically BiblioWorks has a library. But I didn't go there to work... I went there to shop! Tarabuco is famous for its Sunday market hosted by the indigenous Yampura people. In the pictures below you can easily recognize the Yampura by their clothing. The men wear long ponchos. The women wear brightly colored knee-length skirts that sort of poof out and are typically fastened around the waste by a safety pin secured right front and center. Their hair is worn in two loooong braids down their back. But the best part is the bowler hat that sits right on top of their head. I am definitely getting some of those before I leave, one for me and one for you, Mom. Because I know you will actually love it and wear it all the time. Back to the market: Bolivians from all over the region make their way to Tarabuco with hopes of selling some of their products. The center square as well as the narrow streets are lined with vendors selling the most beautiful textiles, jewelry, and clothing. I was in heaven. It is a good thing I didn't bring a lot of money, because otherwise I would be a couple hundred dollars poorer right now. But actually. There is also a food section where I got my typical Bolivian lunch for 10 Bolivianos. More potatoes. Our tour guide tried to sell us on the organic restaurant that cost three times as much– I was surprised that a lot of tourists went there when there were so many choices in the market for so much cheaper. When we were back on the bus someone asked me where I ate, and when I responded with the market, they looked very surprised and said, but how can your stomach handle that? I guess I have Vietnam to thank for that. It is funny to think that street food has been a staple to my diet for the past few months. All in all, it was a really wonderful Sunday. Yesterday I had a lot of fun too– I met a group of cool people and hung out with them and went shopping at the thrift store market with another BiblioWorks volunteer. Lots of shopping this weekend!
Bowler hats and long braids galore.
Check out those cow heads. They are freaky looking!
In other news: still no library. Too many strikes. Hopefully this Tuesday I will get into a library. I will blog more about the strikes in a few days. There has been a lot going on with them!

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